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Posted: 04.20.2018

By: Christina Devecais

Have you been failing your job interviews several times this year and you feel like you are not promoting yourself well? You should know that Information about your profession is the highlight in any job interview and you might not be doing it correctly. Here are simple steps how to fully optimize your resume.

Your first key area to finding a new job fast is your resume. It’s worthwhile to sit down and take time on writing all your key skills and responsibilities for a specific job role. It should target your professional credibility and it is vital that you write a summarization of all your achievements. Your resume should be strong enough to sell you and to convince the employer that you are worth a phone call.

Your second key is your online visibility. Employers already know your full profile bio before you event meet them. Research any publicly viewable information that’s available through a Google search of your name to make sure your online presence displays you in a positive light. If you can’t delete your nasty pictures, make sure to keep everything in private viewing. If you’ve posted office rants and humiliated your boss on Twitter before, it’s time to start deleting your 500 hate tweets. Always make sure to have a good impression online.

Third and last key is your interview skills. Make sure to investigate online the hiring needs of the employer, you don’t want to be caught off guard that you didn’t do your homework.  It is the most stressful part of job finding. In any circumstances given, always be polite during an interview. When you are asked questions, instead of beating around the bush, be decisive.

More than anything else, you should market yourself effectively and it means willing to put extra time on job search, resume writing and research. All the best of luck!

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