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Company Info:
Word Masters

, Philippines

Web Site:

Company Profile

Freelance Writer (Work From Home)





Advertising, Business Development, Education, Media-Journalism

Employment Type:

Part time



Job Views:


Job Description:

Passionate Freelance Writer (Work From Home)
Description of Role:
To simply write topics according to the projects that attracts you most.
Company Details:
WordMasters was established since 2014. Unlike in job portals wherein you have to reapply every time you’re done with a short-term project, platforms like WordMasters directly display a list of writing tasks to do.
You just have to grab as many tasks as you want without having to apply for each.
You just have to pass a short one-time screening tests, and once the editors approve your writing style, you can start grabbing projects and earning more. UNLI-writings for you, at the comfort of your home.
1. No need commuting to your office and say goodbye to stressful heavy traffic. You save money, and you don’t have to spend fare, fuel or parking ticket.
2. You get more sleep because you don’t have to travel, and more sleep means better health.
3. You have a flexible schedule, adjusting your day to align with your most productive hours.
4. Better working environment where you can work anywhere you want, as long as there is internet access.
5. You have more time for yourself and loved ones.
6. You will never experience the so-called “office politics” disorder.
How to Apply:
Just click the link and you’re good to START, NOW!
You have a good one.
Papa Bear

Job Requirements:

1. Good English grammar and interesting writer (writing on different topics, depending on the project chosen).
2. Must be able to finish the project at short span of time, or else the project will be rejected by the system.
3. Must be able to write uniquely and avoid plagiarism or else will be blacklisted by the system.
4. Must be able to work professionally even if the job is a WORK FROM HOME.
5. Must possess a positive character that will enhance the writing piece into a readable and interesting read.
6. Must see to it that writings are polished before submitting to the system.
7. Must be able to follow all the rules before starting with a project.
8. Must amend the writings and re-submit fast whenever there are revisions or corrections from the editor or project client.
9. Must be able to undergo intensive screening tests; and be given a ranking on the system.
10. Must be able to thoroughly search the topic / job project, enabling the written piece to be as interesting as possible.